Tim: cheap & simple time tracking for macOS

I’ve been thinking lately about how I use my time and so I started looking into time tracking apps. There is a raft of them and some of them are quite expensive. Most of them are for teams & agencies and priced accordingly and with features, I just don’t need as a solo.

So, I just bought a copy of Tim: a simple menu-bar based time tracker for macOS. All data kept local, can create task headings for the time to go under, cost me £2.99.

I’ve created tasks for “Writing”, “Prospecting”, “Mentat”, “Gaming”, and “Procrastination”. I figure actually setting the timer for the latter might help me limit how much time I spend in that mode. I probably won’t track actualy client time because it’s not that important to me right now and I may not be at the computer when I’m working on client problems, I’m usually with them.

Might not work for anyone else, but I think it suits me and the price is right.