Testing Business Ideas by David Bland

It’s a bit early to be reviewing this book yet as I have just started to begin reading it. But I wanted to put a mini-review here to at least show how I see this area of the compass being used. Here’s a mini-review of what I have learned so far.

Testing Business Ideas is David Bland’s book summarising his work with companies to help them build better software companies. David’s thesis is that experimentation is key whether you are a “solopreneur” with an idea that you might turn into a company, a startup looking to find fit & growth, or a corporate looking to innovate.

At heart, the book is a playbook explaining different types of experiment that you can do. For each it outlines:

  • What type of hypothesis it tests (desirability, feasibility, viability)
  • What it will cost
  • The strength of the evidence it can provide
  • How long it will take to setup
  • How long it will take to run
  • What capabilities it will require

Further, the book offers sequences: pre-defined series of tests that fit specific scenarios, e.e. B2C software or regulated industry.

This book is going to be an amazing resource for almost anyone I work with. It’s also worth saying that it’s a beautiful book, exceptionally well designed and executed and a pleasure to peruse.