PopClip: smarts for selecting text with the mouse

I’m often surprised that I can still be discovering new macOS applications after all this time. Today I came across PopClip which adds, extensible, actions to text you select with the mouse.

There are a range of extensions available including text transformations, making a clipping in Scrivener, creating a task in Things, creating a calendar entry, starting a Tembo search, creating a shortened version of a link, searching dev docs in Dash, and so on.

For $13 I am thinking this could be very useful.

Great recommendation - been looking for something like this for ages - particularly for opening links in other browsers and sending text to Fantastical (the OS autodetects some date stuff, but it’s hit and miss)

I use Choosy to open links in different browsers. You make it your default browser and when you click on a link it pops up a menu (you can customise its behaviour quite well although I find the defaults mostly work for me).

Interesting - although my strange use case is more that I do a lot of stuff in Safari, but Twitter in Opera (long story) and Firefox for a couple of other uses and sometimes need to move a page from one to the other, usually after I’ve skimmed it. So not so much about clicking on links.

Of course, maybe my workflow could be improved - food for thought.