How good is the Brain v11?

My subscription lapsed around the time v10 was released and I didn’t use it very much. I see v11 is now in beta. Does anyone have it? How is it improved from v9/v10?

Looking at the new features I see they’ve addressed three of my big bug-bears:

  1. The notes editor was rubbish, it’s now native and - I think - Markdown based.
  2. You can embed tables in notes.
  3. UI performance was sluggish to say the least

I’m tempted to re-subscribe and give v11 a try, perhaps when it comes out of beta.

Haven’t bothered to look. Sounds like good changes, but I’ll wait for an official release. I still use it quite a bit.

Welcome, Mr Frazier!

Can you share a little of what you are using it for?

I have to confess that I found myself stifled by my inability to represent certain kinds of things and to “do” anything with the information stored other than click around it.

That said I remain intrigued by it.

I use it very much in the pattern of Jerry’s Brain, more as a conceptual mapping tool than anything else. I guess that means relational bookmarking, but it’s not just bookmarking. There are a lot of thoughts for concepts/entities/ideas that are not internet bookmarks.

I don’t use it for any significant file management. I do sometimes attach mindmaps and files created in various apps, but I’m not trying to manage folders or anything so I’ve never had the sync issues that some of you have experienced.

My biggest challenge is dealing with link rot. I haven’t figured out a good way to deal with that. I have a paid pinboard account which is supposed to archive things, but there isn’t any way to link to the archives AFIK.

I don’t do a lot with link types or tags. For me there isn’t enough value for the increased effort and it clutters my thinking. I think my use case is pretty simple. I try to use the structure itself (parent/child/sibling) in a consistent and meaningful way. I keep a section at the top with a small set of organizational rules.

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And I should say that I don’t spend enough time “gardening” my Brain. I need to do better. I have 40-50 items in my BrainBox right now, awaiting some categorization or resolution,. and I have several items in my Brain Maintenance thought that need to be addressed. The Brain Maintenance thought is the only thought/concept I have which is project/task oriented. For tasks not related to TheBrain itself I find other tools better suited.

This makes sense to me and is, I think, Brain’s strongest use-case.

I think I will upgrade again when 11 comes out as I think it makes sense for me to have access to and use all of these kind of tools. If only to learn what I can from them.

Thanks for sharing TF.


I currently use Things as my “bucket”. Unfortunately as I accumulate interesting stuff far faster than I can think about it my Things inbox has become a thicket.

I currently use Things as my “bucket”. Unfortunately as I accumulate interesting stuff far faster than I can think about it my Things inbox has become a thicket.

I understand that. I have never found short-term task management tools to be useful for interactive long-term memory. And I never found TheBrain to be helpful, for me, as a short-term project/task manager. I don’t interact with it like that. I might very well archive a task or project list or metadata around those things in TheBrain based on the concept, lesson, skill or idea they support. I have a structure around How-To/DIY because there are lots of things I figure out how to do in an emergency, don’t do again for three years, then have to re-learn again in an emergency.