Effortless output in Roam [online course]

I’ve just started this course:

It’s about $100 (+VAT here) however Connor (Roam author) has said that when they charge for Roam they will comp you the cost of the course if you prove that you’ve taken it (screenshot).

So, if you’re considering Roam as a long-term investment this can pay off well.

The guy seems to have delved into Roam and thought a good amount about it. Probably worth it even without the rebate (I had thought about it, but I was more on the fence about Roam anyway then).

Have you watched the (currently) last video in the PKM section - “Taking Smart Notes in Roam” ?

Is it me or is there a missing feature here - (and not just the “copy and paste in sublime to add the hashtag to every idea listed”) - anyway, maybe it’s just me but the advantage of digital should be that things don’t have to live only in one place - so rather than cutting things out of the “Ideas” section of the Book page to put them on particular idea pages, it should be possible to just pointer them - which you can do with backlinks, but - here’s the missing feature bit I think - if you just backlink the ideas page is full of reference links which are not pleasing to read. (Although if the links come from the book page, at least they are automatically headed as such, thus skipping the need to go to Sublime and back?)

(I’m not putting this on his forum right now b/c I’m not yet manually approved to post there…)

Missed this. I believe you can do this by transcluding blocks using the Copy Ref/Paste Ref mechanism. Have you found that yet?

I have not?
I found the “/embed” just now, but that’s all so far (and I am still working out how embed really works too…

Extra thought from watching the new Nat E video on queries:

Roam is already turning into Emacs.

Yeah. Connor posted something to Twitter about scope creep and I pinged back that I wasn’t happy with the breadth vs depth balance I am seeing right now.

To be fair, I’ve tried queries and it did make me request more features
(Right now you can only query on one block, which means you then have to put all your metadata in one block, which is not helpful for me in eg cataloguing books I’ve read etc) - so I think that’s reasonable - but it all adds up