Download the Early-Stage Pitch Deck Designer

I’ve spent a lot of time working with founders seeking investment and seen a lot of pitch decks — some good, most… not good — in my time.

In helping founders think through how to create a compelling argument, and in analysing supposedly good decks I have come up with a formula that I think will be very effective for you.

You’ll find a pitch deck structure and guidance on what to put in it in the PDF download below.

Early Stage Pitch Deck Designer A3L v1.0.pdf (152.3 KB)

Quotes from investor reviewers:

“The Structure has everything an investor needs. One can argue the exact order of the slides but you have it pretty much bang on. I also like your Guidelines. This would be valuable to an entrepreneur so that they can fully understand what is necessary to communicate with an investor.” — Ross McDonald, entrepreneur, investor, & NED.

“I think it’s really good and covers the bases for a pitch deck, a really useful crib sheet for a founder that hasn’t been through this before (and even for those that have!)” — David Pritchard, founder of Open Table, early/mid-stage investor, advisor, and NED.

“I think it is VERY STRONG and extremely practical – gold dust to any business looking to pitch.” — Multi-national CEO, serial investor, chair, & NED.

“It’s very good, well structured and asks the right questions in a challenging but fun way.” — Former angel of the year, mentor, & NED.

If you have any questions about your pitch deck, please feel create and account and ask away.

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