Creating Great Software and Great Software Companies (Presentation)

Creating Great Software and Great Software Companies (PDF) is a presentation that I gave a version of at Accelerator Academy on 3rd Feb 2020.

It looks at some of the reasons why, as entrepreneurs of startups or scaleups, we can fail and offers a set of tools that can help us avoid common pitfalls. We can still be wrong, still make mistakes, but at least they will be new mistakes and we can greatly improve our chance of overcoming them and finding success.

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Looks great! Even more fascinating because without presenter notes it’s a bit cryptic (but I think I recognise most references). Let me renew my invitation to come over and film it one of these days :slight_smile:

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Thanks Paolo. I realised after I’d finished that I probably should have done an export with the notes. Do you think it’s meaningless without them? I could do it again.

Well, of course it would be clearer with notes, especially for those who are not familiar with the topic or have not seen the previous versions.

:thinking: But it might also be interesting to leave it without notes and ask readers to share their interpretation of the most cryptic slides in a comment below. It might give you valuable feedback (and the opportunity to explain).

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Looks good to me.
I’d be interested to see your notes on some of the slides.