As I get closer to Mentat 1.0

Mentat is a tool I have been developing, with a lot of gaps & breaks, since March 6th 2018.

I recently came back to it after about 3 months off and am hoping to release v1.0 on March 6th 2020.

It’s a semi-structured to structured information manager (where something like Roam is an unstructured to semi-structured information manager). But I may learn a few tricks from Roam to allow for unstructured stuff to exist in Mentat even if I am not quite sure how yet. The closest I have right now is the QuickNote.

which was more of an attempt to capture bookmarks than Roam’s approach to note-taking.

One of the problems I want Mentat to solve for me is bookmarking and using bookmarks. I routinely have somewhere around 300 tabs open across a set of browsers. Clearly, bookmarks don’t work for me very well (not even something like pinboard which I have been an occasionally heavy user of).

I’m hoping some of you can help me invent something new here.

Really curious to hear more about it.