CTO Hiring Guide For many companies, CTO is both a critical and a difficult hire. For any tech-supported business, the difference between a good CTO and a bad (or no) CTO can be the difference between success and failure. If you’re tech-savvy but a technologist it can be a very daunting hire to make as judging what “good” is can be so difficult. The “30 Minute Guide to Hiring a CTO” aims to help reduce the stress and help you make better decisions around this critical role. Requirements The Requirements Canvas is used to pull out “threads” of need and value from the customer discovery exercise into specific requirements of a solution we will create. Customer Discovery paints a holistic picture of the customer(s). The Requirement process is where we focus us on the parts of the customer’s lives that our product needs to address to create value for them and for us. Mission The Mission Canvas is a tool for developing and defining the mission (vision, goals) of the business. Customer Discovery The Customer Discovery Canvas is a tool for exploring, in considerable depth, a customer segment: who these people are, what drives their behaviour, things they desire and how much they desire them, and the outcomes any solution must generate in order to satisfy them and exchange value with them. Pitch Deck Designer If you are a CEO looking to create a compelling pitch deck to raise investment look no further as this is for you. Inside is a guide that investors have called “everything they need”, “well structured”, and “gold dust to any business looking to pitch”. Navigation Navigation is fundamentally about making good decisions for your business. The way to do this is to discover the answer to impactful questions, questions like:
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